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  • dji Phantom parts in AU Australian stock - overnight delivery available
  • dji Phantom 3 motor 2312 - 960kv - CW black top - part 12 AU NZ

dji Phantom 3 motor 2312 - 960kv - CW black top - part 12

Shipping Weight:
122.00 Grams
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Product Description

This is the latest 6/2015 dji Phantom upgrade motors used in Phantom 3  - designed to work in combination with the 9450 self tightening (black top) prop and ESC v2.1 combo - motor weight is 54g - requires a prop with 8mm Ø bore - they are also for upgrading a Phantom 2 with the older 2311 motors

 These motors are part of the Phantom 2 power upgrade kit - owners of older phantom 2 , which was under powered and would drop hard if switched to manual control, can now expect a noticable power correction when used in conjuction with the 9450 prop and v2.1 ESC-  upgrade parts combo recommended


1 x dji Phantom motor 2312 - 960kv - CW black top - part 12

6 x M3*8 bolts


Excludes - Requires

Props 9450

Excludes ESc v2.1

Motor lead wires are 75mm and reqire expertsoldering skills to work correctly

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Product Reviews

  1. DJI 980 motor

    Posted by Carlos Zuluaga on 25th Dec 2015

    Last review was to the FRsky X4R SB. Apologies.
    About this motor. I can say I got my Phantom on the air and with perfect smooth images after a lot of test it look that this motor change was what I need it after all.
    Again posting service is the fastest I ever got.
    Thanks Multiwiicopter.

  2. Racer best Rx X4R

    Posted by Carlos Zuluaga on 25th Dec 2015

    If you are looking for the best Rx, this is one of the fastest (shorter latency)
    in the world with Sbus.
    And if you want this fast also Multiwiicoter got speed record with the mail service.
    Thank you guys.

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